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Orange Sriracha Soy Wax Melts | Sweet Citrus & Chili Scented


Introducing our vibrant Orange Sriracha hand-poured soy wax melts, expertly crafted to bring an invigorating blend of sweet citrus and a hint of chili into your space. Made with 100% plant-based soy wax, our responsibly sourced wax melts are a sustainable and eco-friendly way to enjoy bold, unique fragrances.

Our high-quality fragrance oils are carefully selected to create a tantalizing and energizing aroma, perfect for adding a touch of zest to your home or office. The bold scent of Orange Sriracha is perfect for those who crave an adventurous, refreshing atmosphere.

Packaged in a convenient 2 oz clamshell, our soy wax melts are designed for easy use with wax warmers, allowing you to effortlessly fill your surroundings with the exhilarating fragrance of Orange Sriracha. Simply break off a portion of the wax melt and place it in your warmer to enjoy the dynamic aroma.

Product Features:

  • Hand-poured soy wax melts
  • Scents of sweet citrus and a hint of chili
  • 100% plant-based soy wax, responsibly sourced from US farms
  • Finest quality fragrance oils for an energizing aroma
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable product
  • Convenient 2 oz clamshell packaging
  • Designed for use with wax warmers
  • Ideal for creating a bold, adventurous atmosphere

Embrace the thrill of our Orange Sriracha hand-poured soy wax melts, capturing the essence of a daring, zesty atmosphere. Order yours today and let the vivacious scents of sweet citrus and a hint of chili invigorate and enliven your space.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dave Pierce

Great experience

Cameron Arnett

Unique smell, very uplifting and joyful. 10/10 scent, made with clear quality. Wonderful folks run this business! Will be supporting them in the future, no doubt!

Mood in a melt

These wax melts are divine!!! They can change a stressful day into a spa in the office!!! Love them! ❤️

Thank you for taking the time to leave us such a positive review! We are delighted to know our scent has brought joy and comfort to your home. We appreciate your support!